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About Huron School District

Huron School District is a great place for students to learn. The Huron community is one of the last rural areas existing in Wayne County, Michigan. Parents, students, staff, and community members embrace small town values, while providing students with outstanding educational opportunities. As a result of the excellent educational setting, highly desirable schools, and outstanding employees, the Huron School District is a preferred choice for student learning in the Downriver Region.

The teachers, administrators, parents, and students remain dedicated to our District mission statement: “Completely Committed to Kids!” The Huron Board of Education, in cooperation with students, parents, community members and district stakeholders, has established a comprehensive strategic plan. For more information on the Huron School District’s mission, vision, beliefs and bold initiatives, please click on the link located under the “Welcome to the Huron School District” banner located on the home page.

The Huron School District offer a wide variety of academic, Career Technical Education, Athletic, STEM, and extracurricular opportunities for students. All Schools are fully accredited by the Advanc-Ed Association and are staffed by highly qualified, dedicated teachers, administrators, and support staff.

The Huron School District is fortunate to have an experienced Board of Education, exceptional teachers and an outstanding support staff. When combining these elements with great students, parents and community members, the result has been transforming. A tangible sense of pride is clearly present in our community and our schools.

Please feel free to navigate our web page and find out more exciting information and about what is happening in the district or in your student’s school building.