Strategic Plan

Our vision

Our vision is to inspire personal growth in every student
and to ignite a passion for learning and leadership.

We Believe

  • Research-based, differentiated instruction is essential for the success of all students.

  • Curriculum alignment and sustained professional development are crucial for ensuring student and professional growth.

  • Every member of our education community is important and has a voice in our schools.

  • A safe, caring, respectful, and purposeful learning environment promotes teaching and learning.

  • Strong systems of communication build relationships, promote understanding, ensure transparency, and foster awareness.

  • Everyone can learn to lead and lead others to learn.

Bold Initiatives

  • Establish a comprehensive and systematic communication plan to engage all members of our educational community.

  • Institute a district technology plan that fosters research-based instructional technology, best practices, and professional development.

  • Ensure vertical and horizontal alignment of curriculum, coordinated professional development, and sharing of best practices in order to provide rigorous and engaging classroom instruction to all students.

  • Provide opportunities for staff and students to be leaders in our schools.

  • Provide a safe and purposeful learning environment to meet the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs of every student.