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Welcome to Huron School District's Food Service Department Site. Below you'll find a list of useful link and information regarding food service in the district.

Free and Reduced Meal Application and Instructions

Please note that this form is only good for the current school year. Applications for free and reduced lunch not using the correct form will not be accepted. New applications are made available every July.

Welcome Back!

The Food Services Department is looking forward to welcoming all of the students back for the 22/23 school year as we return to a more conventional school lunch service. We have included some important information that can be helpful for the return to school in September.

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

Thanks to nationwide waivers for federally funded meal programs, school meals were free to all students through the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time, these waivers have expired, so schools must return to charging for breakfast and lunch. Free or reduced-price meals are only available to students who qualify for these benefits. Because of this, it is extremely important that everyone fills out the on-line Free and Reduced application for this upcoming year. It takes just a few short minutes and only one application is needed per household. The on-line application can be filled out at

As a reminder: The Free and Reduced application expires annually so a new one will need to be filled out regardless of whether one was on file for the past school year or not. For the 2022-23 school year, breakfast will cost $1.60 for all students and lunch will cost $3.00 for elementary students, $3.25 for junior high students and $3.50 for high school students.


Nutrislice will continue to be the source for menus. You may download the Nutrislice app on any smart phone or view it on a web browser. You may also print a weekly or monthly menu from the Nutrislice website. You may also use Nutrislice to view nutritional & allergen information.

Please keep in mind that menus are always subject to change. W e do our best to adhere to our menus and will update them accordingly. The supply chain is still having issues with production and therefore we may experience some out of stocks. W e ask that you check the online menus daily if you are concerned about allergies or call the food service office at 734-782-1710 for the most up to date information regarding menus.

My Payments Plus

My payments plus is a great resource for Huron families. This service allows you to load money on your student’s account, check account balances and transactions, and it even allows you to set restrictions and account alerts. If you have not yet registered
before, you will need your student’s ID number. You can email me at [email protected] if you need your student’s ID number.

Use the following links regarding my payments plus:

Medical Dietary Restriction

If your child has any allergies or medical dietary restrictions, a Medical Dietary form needs to be filled out every year and sent to the food service office in order to ensure we have the most up to date info at all times. By doing this, we are able to see your child’s dietary needs at the point of service and will be able to ensure your student is only eating meals that are safe for them.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Food Service Department.


Eric Stetz
Food Service Director
Chartwells/Huron Schools
[email protected]

Meal Charging Policy

The Huron School District Food Services Department has an established meal charge policy in place for all students. The purpose of having a meal charging policy enables our schools to establish consistent and clear food service account procedures throughout the district. It allows the district to maintain fiscal integrity and solvency of the food service department while providing meal options that meet the nutritional needs of our students. We understand that although efforts to keep a child’s food service account in a positive standing are there, we understand that there are times where parents may forget or other unforeseen circumstances can occur. Meal charging shall be used as a temporary solution only and do not address a parent/guardian’s inability to pay. In those instances, an application for free or reduced meal benefits should be completed and turned in to the food service office. A la carte purchasing will be suspended for those accounts in the negative.  Parents with students who have a negative balance will receive an email weekly regarding the balance. Depending on the circumstances, parents may receive phone calls regarding the negative account balance. In the event of a lack of communication with the parent, building administration will be notified in an effort to help us reach you. 
We will never make a child dispose of a meal due to a negative balance.  We will never speak to a child regarding a negative balance unless they ask, and we will never do so in a public way.  We understand the balance is the responsibility of the parent and not the child.

The Food Service Department has set goals to ensure the success of the program and they are as follows:
  • To provide our students with a healthy, flavorful meal.
  • To treat all students with dignity and confidentiality in the serving line.
  • To ensure that no child goes hungry.
  • To foster open and clear communication with staff, students and parent/guardians.
  • To maintain the charge policy consistently throughout the district regarding meal charges.

Medical Statement To Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations

The following form is required by the USDA to be filled out if your child has any dietary restrictions. If you have any questions or concerns please contact food service department.

Medical Dietary form

Huron School district's Wellness Policy

Huron school district's wellness policy can be found here: HSD wellness policy PDF document

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement

The USDA's Nondiscrimination Statement can found on their website at the following link.

How Mypayments Plus Saves You Time and Money

Mypayments Plus Infographic